1 May 2021

10 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Suppose your morning starts with tumbling out of bed, hurtling towards the bathroom and then storming out of the front door after grabbing the nearest source of nourishment – a chocolate bar. Something’s wrong. You’ve had no time to introspect, to enjoy a healthy breakfast, to revel in a refreshing shower or even enjoy taking in lungful’s of that crisp morning air. It would be best if you rid yourself of the ‘rat race’ mindset. Here are ten practical tips and tools to living your best life:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

You don’t need to be serious all the time. Embrace your inner child – jump in puddles (if you’d like) and laugh from your belly. Allow happiness to encompass your being. A little bit of silliness and goofiness will have you smiling at the world, and it will smile right back at you!

2. Pay Attention

Working constantly, trying to juggle responsibilities, and the different hats you wear can often be exhausting. Pay attention to what makes you smile and inspires you. Pay attention to what leaves you disorientated or bleak. These are determining factors that will assist you when facing major life decisions.

3. Wake Up Early

Former President Obama is known to be an early riser, and this habit is attributed to his success. When early risers start their day ahead of everyone else by exercising and enjoying personal time, they also tend to be happier and more proactive.

4. Travelling Meditation

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed. Here’s another method of meditating if you’re not the type to sit still – travelling meditation. The goal is to tune into the movement of your legs and the positive things happening around you. As you walk or run, look for positive visuals, like a clear blue sky, lush greenery or even birds simply twittering about.

5. Get to Know People

Research has found that networking and getting to know people leads to improved work performance and increases the possibility of landing a job. Successful people rarely complain or criticise; instead, they are sincere and try to be empathetic.

6. Don’t watch TV. Read.

Strive to learn and enlighten yourself—stock up on books related to your interests or hobbies you’d like to pursue. According to research by the University of Sussex, reading can be a better stress reducer than listening to music or going for a walk – and could reduce our stress levels by 68%.

7. Know When to Say “No”.

To live your best life, you need to say “no” to negativity and extra work that wastes your time so that you can focus on other essential areas of your life. If you often say ‘yes’ to everyone or everything, you’re most likely to get too distracted and not accomplish the tasks you committed to.

8. Eat Healthy & Exercise

The secret to living your best life is by adopting a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. Key nutrients you get from eating certain foods influence levels of serotonin (feel-good hormones). Exercise assists in improving your overall health and helps kickstart your body. What a great combo, right? If you are looking for more information on ingredients to add to your eating plan, be sure to look at Flora’s list of seasonal ingredients for inspiration.

9. Manage Your Money

Managing your money means investing wisely, looking for new opportunities and setting aside emergency funds. Set yourself up for success by being financially prepared.

10. Visualise Your Dreams

Michael Jordan practised visualisation by always taking the last shot in his mind before taking one in real life. Picture yourself succeeding in your mind before it manifests into reality. Rather than dwelling on everything that will hold you back, envision yourself victorious like Michael Jordan. The key is to make your visualisation stronger than any challenges that may set you back.

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