5 September 2022

4 Healthy Heart Habits To Know For Heart Health Awareness Month

Heart Health Awareness Month in South Africa is observed annually in September. The month is earmarked and dedicated to raising awareness about the risk factors of heart disease in South Africa and the significance of living a healthy lifestyle to reduce or prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is one of the actions you can take to combat heart disease. This blog is dedicated to Heart Health Awareness Month to help you identify and prevent the onset of this dreaded disease.

“Don’t lose heart. Instead, lose an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits for a healthier you!” – Unknown.

Developing healthy heart habits takes time and practice, but it will be highly beneficial to your health in the long run and may help prevent diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, to name a few. Because Flora cares about the health of your heart, we’ve put together four healthy heart habits to get you started on your health journey.

Love Your Heart By Adopting These Four Healthy Heart Habits

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Aim to eat a variety of either fresh or frozen vegetables or fruit at least five times a day. Regularly consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables assists with lowering blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease, and helps to prevent some cancers while lowering the risk of digestive and eye problems. A healthy diet of fruit and vegetables can keep your appetite in check and positively affect your blood sugar levels.
  2. Include more wholegrain in your diet: Brown rice, wholewheat bread and pasta, and oats are good to include in your daily diet as fibre can help improve your cholesterol levels and is good for your heart.  Plus it keeps you full for longer making it less likely for you to overeat.
  3. Make healthy fats your first option: Healthy fats are found in food products such as peanut butternuts, fish avocado, seeds and seed oils like sunflower or canola oil as well as olive oil. Small amounts of healthy fat are essential to a healthy and balanced diet. Flora tubs contain healthy fat and are a perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6.
  4. Kick The Habit: Stop smoking. Smoking is known to exponentially increase the risk of heart disease and numerous other health problems. People who smoke are more likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who do not smoke as nicotine narrows blood vessels, limiting the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart, and increasing the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and kidney failure.

Here at Flora, we care about the health of your heart, and because of that, we trust that this blog will inspire you to do your part and care for your heart.

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