4 March 2022

5 Reasons Why People Turn Plant Based

Going plant-based is simply about eating more plant-based foods (and fewer animal-based ones). Try out a plant-based lifestyle, whether you are an environmental advocate or want to live your healthiest life. Here are 5 reasons why people turn plant-based:

1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Meat contains saturated fat, contributing to heart issues when eaten excessively. By loading up on plant-based foods, you’re doing your heart a favour. It means not just limiting meat but also consuming healthy plant-based foods. Rather than animal-based foods which are often high in fat, add whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables to your grocery list. Flora is always here to help! It is important always to ensure that meals are prepared with your heart health in mind for healthy living.

Tip: A method to help you reach your plant-based eating goals is using Flora Plant BUTTERTM when cooking your food. Flora Plant BUTTERTM is not only tasty but good for your heart.

2. You May Live Longer

In the Journal of the American Heart Association a study found that a plant-based diet lowers the risk of all causes of mortality by 25 percent.

3. Save the Planet by Going Green

Adopting a plant-based diet has a positive impact on your health and the health of our environment. Animal agriculture is the most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Going the plant-based route could assist in cutting your carbon footprint by 50%.

4. A Happy Gut Equals a Happy Body

Studies show that plants are necessary to our overall health. They are significant players in helping us digest our food. Plants also produce essential nutrients and keep our gut tissue healthy.

5. The Secret to Healthy Skin

The easiest way to have healthy skin is to eat a clean diet. The detoxifying effect of consuming plants leads to fewer internal toxins that cause acne. Fruits and vegetables are naturally dense with vitamin C, which boosts collagen, and antioxidants like beta-carotene softens the skin and keeps it supple.

Here at Flora, we care about your health as much as you do. We have put together a list of Flora ingredients and Flora recipes to help get you started on your plant-based journey.

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