1 January 2022

5 Tips for Starting a Self Care Routine in the New Year

With the start of every New Year, there is an opportunity to begin afresh. Instead of holding yourself hostage to New Year resolutions that you felt pressured to make, here are small, daily goals you can easily add to a brand new self-care routine:

1. Welcome Happiness

We all have an inner saboteur that fuels doubts, insecurities and fears. Instead, turn to the small blessings in your life that put a smile on your face. Turn every fear into an opportunity and every insecurity into a moment of self-love. The more you welcome happiness into your life, the more aware you are of the positive changes occurring around you and within you.

2. Move Your Body

Even if it’s a ten minute stretch in between meetings, satisfy your body’s craving for movement. Working out isn’t always centered around weight loss; it’s also an opportunity to get in touch with your physical self. A moving body is a happy body!

Tip: Try varying the terrain on which you walk such as inclines, on the beach, on the rough grass of a park or the uneven ground of a conservation area or trail.

3. Cook at Home at Least Once a Week

If you’re looking to nourish your body more in the New Year, why not try cooking at home at least once a week? You are, after all, what you eat, and eating healthy can improve your overall health and boost your immune system. Flora is always here to help! It is important to always ensure that meals are prepared with your heart health in mind for healthy living.

Tip: Include more plant-based meals into your diet for a healthier you. Try cooking with Flora Plant BUTTERTM which is a dairy free butter alternative made from the goodness of avocado, coconut and olive oil.

4. Process Your Emotions

Processing your emotions is essential to achieving good emotional health. Learn how to deal with unpleasant emotions in healthy ways by remembering to Pause. Instead of acting on feelings right away, stop yourself and think things through. Count to 100 or say the alphabet backward. Take in a deep breath and exhale—this useful step is one of the ways to assist you in processing negative emotions.

5. Create a Goal for Yourself to Look Forward To

Have you always wanted to read a book on your shelf that has been collecting dust, or are you keen on joining a hiking group but just haven’t gotten the time to communicate your interest? Goals are essentially a promise to yourself. Committing to a goal and achieving it is the ultimate respect you could give yourself. So chip away at the obstacles and move towards one goal (no goal is too big or too small!) that you can see just above the horizon.

Here at Flora, we care about your health as much as you do. We have put together a list of Flora ingredients and Flora recipes to help get you started on your self-care routine.

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