12 October 2019


When you’re preparing a balanced meal , it’s important to think about the ingredients, the sodium content, the amount of existing trans-fats, the portions, and the size of your serving.

These three easy tips should tell you how to create a healthy eating plan, filled with nutritious and balanced meals, to feed you and your hungry crew.


Each food group offers a certain combination of nutrients. This can help you to plan your meals to include at least one food from each of these four food groups:

  • Vegetables and fruit.
  • Grains.
  • Milk or milk alternatives.
  • Meat or meat alternatives.

This way, you’ll ensure that you get a mix of different nutrients from every meal. For a balanced breakfast, you might want to include foods from either three or four of the above food groups. For example, two pieces of wholegrain toast with Flora spread, a glass of fruit juice, or a piece of fruit and a cup of low-fat yoghurt.

As a rule, vegetables, fruit and grains should make up most of your meal.



As a rule, vegetables, fruit and grains should make up the majority of your meal. Think about filling ¾ of your dinner plate with these wholesome foods. Also be sure to add a serving of lean meat or meat alternatives like grilled chicken, beans or eggs. It should take up the last quarter of your dinner plate. Finally, include calcium-rich food from the milk or milk alternatives food group; (try a small piece of low-fat cheese mixed into the meal, a glass of low-fat milk or even a serving of low-fat flavoured yoghurt for dessert).


Have you ever skipped or skimped on breakfast and lunch, only to get home, ready to wolf down everything in sight? This can lead to mindless overeating. Instead, take the time to eat a well-balanced breakfast and lunch (packed full of healthy foods) every day. Plan to have one or two small nutritious snacks throughout the day too. At night, enjoy a smaller sized dinner compared to your lunch. That way, you’re fueled throughout the day when your body is more active.

Maintaining a healthy eating plan is a good way in which to lower your cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy heart. Start preparing nutritionally balanced meals at home and feel the difference.

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