11 October 2019


Beat the caffeine cravings by following these six easy steps to eating better at work:

Pack your own heart healthy snacks
Did you know that foods such as fresh fruit, whole grain cereals and dried fruit and nut mixes can give you a boost of energy when you need it most? By snacking at regular intervals throughout the day, you can keep your blood at a good level.

In a meeting skip the cookies and pastries and try a vegetable platter.

Make your own lunch
Control the portion size, as well as the fat and sodium content of the meal. This way you’ll also be less tempted to wander to the cafeteria or vending machine. Set a goal to pack at least two servings of vegetables with your healthy lunch, include a fruit. Keep in mind that whole-wheat and low GI bread as well as light margarine are the healthier option. Be sure to take a look at Flora’s variety of tasty recipes.

Host heart-healthy meetings
Skip the cookies and pastries during meetings and try a vegetable platter with a low-fat dip or hummus, or a bowl of washed fresh fruit instead. Offer water and 100% fruit juice rather than carbonated fruit drinks or sodas.

Swap heart healthy lunches with a colleague.

Limit sugar intake
Sweets and chocolates are the ultimate temptation when it comes to breaking away from your healthy eating habits. If you have a sweet craving rather eat some fresh fruit which contains important vitamins and are often good sources of fibre. Try to limit sugar drinks, opting for water instead. You can flavour your water with freshly sliced lemon or cucumber and mint. By being organised with healthy meals and snacks during the day you can avoid falling into an energy slump and craving sugary foods.

Start a healthy lunch club
Swap heart healthy lunches with a colleague. Find delicious cholesterol lowering recipes to suit anyone’s tastes and keep a collection of your favourites. Establishing healthy eating habits can be made easier if you have a friend who supports and encourages you.

Ask yourself “Am I really hungry?”
We often satisfy our munchies out of boredom or because we are thirsty. Instead of popping another chocolate truffle, take a break from your work and take a walk outside. Fresh air and a glass of water is a healthy alternative to a cup of coffee or food. Stand up and stretch, or walk up and down a few flights of stairs to re-energise yourself.

Make heart healthy choices whenever you can to stay energised and productive on the job!

Boost your healthy eating habits by including regular physical activity to your daily routine. If you’re wondering about whether or not alternatives to the gym are worth the effort, be sure to take a look at Flora’s healthy living tips.

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