2 November 2019

Healthy Salt Alternatives

The recommended daily salt intake is 5g. But around the globe, the average person eats 9–12g a day, roughly twice the recommended amount.

Salt is usually added when cooking and when serving, many people add salt again, sometimes without even tasting the food first. Now imagine how much salt you consume per day.

Small amounts of salt (sodium) are a vital part of your diet. However, consuming too much can increase blood pressure.

Cutting down on salt and using healthier alternatives such as spices and herbs can enhance the taste of your meals. You won’t even miss the salt!

Dried vegetables

Have you ever sprinkled your meals with dried mushrooms, chillies, chives or onions? If not, it’s time to start experimenting! Dried veggies add a more intense flavour than fresher ones and can be included in almost every meal! Lasagne, stews, salads, pasta – you name it.


Oregano is more than just a perfect pizza topper; it adds flavour to a variety of other dishes too. Oregano has a warm, slightly bitter taste and a rich aroma. Many people substitute this herb with marjoram. However, marjoram is not as potent as oregano. Add it to sauces, dips, meat, marinades and veggies for extra flavour.


Cinnamon works well as an alternative to sugar and adds a delicious flavour to meals. Add cinnamon to a bowl of oatmeal, sprinkle on fruits, add it to teas as well as vegetables such as butternut or sweet potato.

Lemon juice and other citruses

Apart from it being a great source of Vitamin C, lemon juice works as a delicious salt alternative too. It enhances the flavours of spicy foods and salads and complements poultry and fish as well. Add lemon or any other citrus juices such as limes and oranges to your meals for a refreshing and tasty burst of flavour!

Black and cayenne pepper

If your meals are missing a spicy element, add black pepper and cayenne pepper to your dishes. They enhance the flavours of curries, soups, stews, marinade and grilled veggies. Yum!


Similar to star anise, tarragon adds a liquorice-like taste to meals. Add at the end of cooking to experience its fresh flavour and add it to egg bakes, soups, salad dressings and fish.

As much as salt can enhance the flavour of meals, choosing healthier alternatives will ensure you prepare tasty recipes for your family with just the right herbs, spices and products. For example, low-salt Flora spreads compliment a healthy diet while delivering on taste so that you entire family can eat well while reducing their sodium consumption.

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