28 March 2023

Heart- Healthy Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your brunch menu. However, with heart health concerns on the rise, choosing foods that are delicious and beneficial for your heart is essential. Here is some food for the heart that can help keep your heart healthy while indulging in your Easter brunch favourites.

1. Cheese Quiche With Leeks And Tomato Salad

This Cheese Quiche with Leeks and Tomato Salad is the ultimate heart-healthy Easter brunch meal; the leeks are packed with antioxidants that help lower the risk of heart disease and make for a delicious filling. The added tomato salad is the perfect side dish to complement the savoury quiche. This is the ideal dish to serve before the main Easter lunch meal! See here for more heart healthy foods.

2. Honey Roasted Oat And Nut Granola

Who said you couldn’t have granola for brunch? This Flora Honey roasted oat and nut granola recipe is the ultimate heart health brunch you want to try this Easter. This granola is packed with delicious seeds, nuts, oats and fruit! These ingredients lower levels of inflammation related to heart disease and diabetes and are foods that lower cholesterol. So what are you waiting for?

3. Beetroot, Orange And Raspberry Smoothie Popsicles

These beetroot, orange, and raspberry smoothie popsicles are the perfect, simple treats for Easter brunch. Using just 6 ingredients, you can make healthy, tasty smoothie popsicles in minutes! These popsicles are packed with 3 vegetables and fruits that keep your blood pressure in check,boost your immune system, and help your heart function at its best. See here how to make this heart healthy recipe here.

Incorporating heart-healthy foods into your Easter brunch doesn’t have to be challenging. You can enjoy your favourite brunch dishes while making simple substitutions and choosing nutrient-dense foods to support your heart health. Try out these healthy recipe ideas for your upcoming Easter brunch and enjoy the delicious flavours of eating food for the heart.

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