11 October 2019


The festive season brings joy to many. It is a period in which most celebrate the time that is spent with loved ones, and the relaxing activities in which we cannot usually indulge with reckless abandon. The December festive period, in particular, is a time when most choose to binge-watch television, sleep for extended periods of time, eat a great deal with family and friends, and then regret every indulgence as soon as their calendar flips to the first of January.

However, your festive does not have to mean that you jerk your way back to a health and regret every toe-curling, taste bud-tingling bite of that mince pie you had a second serving of. Here are a few healthy eating tips that will ensure a great festive season while still taking care of your heart:

The Breakfast Foundation

Breakfast sets the tone for your day, and any seasoned lover of a hearty festive meal will tell you that. Pace yourself by eating a healthy breakfast, which can include poached or boiled eggs. Choose Flora margarine to spread onto your toast. Balance your meal by also adding bananas as a topping to your bread, for a more fresh and nutrient-rich breakfast option.

The Smart Snack

Some festive chefs keep their family members with wandering fingers and munching mouths, out of the kitchen all day. In order to keep your hunger at bay, make a quick salad or sandwich with healthy and convenient ingredients like lettuce, feta cheese, and chicken. Better yet, carry your heart healthy breakfast brilliance onward, and have a fruit salad which will work towards your recommended ‘five-a-day’.

The Grand Festive Feast

  • Remove the skin from any poultry and moderate how much meat you eat. The crispy skin of chicken or turkey meat has a lot of the saturated ‘bad’ fats that will counter the heart healthy diet choices that you made throughout the day.
  • Most festive dinners have various salad and vegetable options. Choose the green salad or, the beetroot salad over the starch-heavy potato salad.
  • Choose wine over cocktails, as cocktails are full of sugar.
  • Don’t avoid your favourites if you are prone to late night cravings. Avoiding the things that you eat regularly, and enjoy wholeheartedly, will not make for a happy and healthy heart. It may lead to late night binges, indigestion and other health issues. However, it is important to remember not to overindulge. The leftovers make great snack or lunch options for the next couple of days following your festive feast.
  • It is also important that you don’t forget to enjoy yourself. We wish you a heart healthy festive season!
  • If you are looking for more heart healthy recipes that will ensure a happy and healthy festive season, be sure to take a look at Flora’s collection of recipes.

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