1 July 2024

Indulge in Heart-Healthy, Delicious Winter Comfort Dinners!

As the cold winter months envelop us, finding comfort in hearty, nutritious meals that promote heart health is essential. This blog explores the benefits of using Flora Regular and Flora Plant Spread in your winter dinner recipes. These spreads keep you warm while ensuring your heart stays healthy and strong.

Flora Regular is a 50% fat spread approved as part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation eating plan. It is ideal for those who want to keep themselves and their hearts healthier.

Flora Regular in Winter Recipes: 

One delightful way to incorporate Flora Regular into your winter dinners is through a recipe like Baked Potatoes with Tex-Mex Mince. This hearty dish combines the comforting warmth of baked potatoes with the zesty flavours of Tex-Mex mince. By using Flora Regular in the preparation, you enhance the taste and benefit from its heart-healthy properties. You can find the full recipe here.

Flora Plant Spread is approved as part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation eating plan is a fantastic plant-based alternative that supports a healthy lifestyle. It is free from dairy making it 100% free of animal-derived material and 100% plant-based. Flora Plant Spread is a 50% fat spread that maintains heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Flora Plant Spread in Winter Recipes: 

Curried Corn, Potato & Coconut Chowder is a delicious winter dinner recipe featuring Flora Plant Spread. This creamy, comforting chowder combines the rich flavours of coconut and curry with the heartiness of corn and potatoes. By incorporating Flora Plant Spread you ensure your meal is dairy free and 100% plant based and add a nutritious element to the dish that supports heart health. You can find the full recipe here.

These hearty and heart-healthy winter dinners using Flora Regular and Flora Plant Spread are perfect for staying warm and nourished. Enjoy the flavours of Baked Potatoes with Tex-Mex Mince and the creamy, comforting Curried Corn, Potato, and Coconut Chowder. 

Choosing Flora products enhances your meals and supports your heart health through nutritious and delicious cooking.

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