12 October 2019


Essential fats are important as they keep the cell membranes of all the cells in our body flexible, they play an important role in maintaining heart health, and are the important building blocks of messenger molecules. Flora spreads are made from nutrient-rich plant and seed oils, ideal for heart health and healthy cholesterol levels.

Many vegetable oils, of which Flora margarine is made, are naturally rich in vitamin E.

Where do the vegetable oils come from?
As the world’s biggest buyer of vegetable oil, Flora has established a system that guarantees that only the best quality oils are used for our margarines. We work together with farmers on thousands of farms, many of whom we know personally. We have created the ideal relationship where we share our knowledge with each other on how to grow high-quality crops. Once Mother Nature – the sun, soil and rain – has done her work, the farmers know when to harvest the plants and collect the best seeds or beans.

From seeds to oils
After harvesting, the seeds or beans are pressed and the oil is extracted. This oil is then purified to reduce dominant plant colours, flavours and odours. The result is oil that is similar to the vegetable oils that you buy in your supermarket. We then add valuable ingredients to the vegetable oils such as vitamins (A, D and E) that can only be carried by fat, as they are fat soluble.

Vegetable oils and fats are the basis of all Flora products.

Many vegetable oils, of which Flora margarine is made, are naturally rich in vitamin E. In addition, food legislators in many countries ask us to fortify our margarines with vitamins A and D because they are a simple and healthy daily source of nutrition. Carotenoids, known as the components that give colour to carrots, tomatoes and pumpkin, are added to give margarine its deep and rich yellow colour. Selected flavourants give margarine its subtle, pleasant taste. To ensure freshness, a commonly used food preservative called potassium sorbate is sometimes added.

Making oil spreadable
In order to make the large amount of liquid oils spreadable, a little bit of solid plant fat from palm trees is needed. Although simply mixing the liquid and solid plant fats would be enough for margarine to be made at home and consumed on the same day, it is not suitable for a supermarket product. Therefore, we apply ways that improve the texture and the melting properties of the solid plant fats. These ways make it possible to create high quality margarines that are rich in healthy essential and good fats.

Margarine contains good fats as it is made from a carefully selected blend of healthy vegetable oils.

Mixing oil and water

Depending on local taste preferences, this blend of vegetable oils and fats is mixed with water, milk proteins, citric acid (like in lemon juice) and salt. Lecithin (also present in egg yolk) is added, to allow the oil and water to mix. In the final step, the oil and water mix is cooled down, while stirring continuously to make it smooth and soft – exactly like you do when you prepare home-made ice cream.

And that’s how margarine is made. It only has to be packed and delivered to your local store, before you place in your shopping cart! Besides quality, we also care about the environment.

Vegetable oils and fats are the basis of our products. We therefore need to ensure the sustainable, healthy growth of our crops. Together with our partners, like farmers and distributors, we promote the use of sustainable palm and soybean oil, and we are currently working on criteria for sustainable rapeseed/canola and sunflower oil. Together with our partners we feel responsible for protecting our environment, not only for now, but for the future too.

So, remember…
Flora margarine contains good fats as it is made from a carefully selected blend of healthy vegetable oils. We harness the goodness of nature and turn it into a simple, multi-dimensional product that is enjoyable for every day – margarine!

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