Seasonal Ingredient

Almond Flour

Nutritional Info

  • 11.8g fibre per 100g
  • 19.3g carbs per 100g
  • 52.8g total fat per 100g
  • 22.1g protein per 100g
  • Free of cholesterol

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Cholesterol-free and a great source of Good Fats.


Almond flour is a great alternative to wheat flour. If you decide to start making your own almond flour, use ripe almonds. Avoid almonds that are discoloured and not hard to the touch.

When it comes to making amazing almond flour in the comfort of your home, it is a whole lot easier than you probably think it is. All you need to do is place your almonds into a blender and grind them up until they become a fine powder – it really is as simple as that. If you don’t have a blender you can buy one from your local store and use it to grind your almonds for a regular wheat flour replacement.

The best way to store your almond powder is in a glass jar, or alternatively an airtight Tupperware container. Not only are they easy to store but they also stop any moisture from ruining your healthy and versatile almond flour.

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