Seasonal Ingredient


Nutritional Info

Per 100 grams:

  • 46 calories
  • 0,1g fat
  • 12g carbohydrate
  • 0,4g protein
  • 2mg Sodium
  • 22% Vitamin C
  • 85mg Potassium

If you’re looking for tasty Flora recipes that have your heart health in mind,be sure to take a look at our selection of healthy recipes.

Dubbed as one of the world’s healthiest foods, cranberries are sweet in flavour and are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. One cup of these delicious berries only has 50 calories, so feasting and treating yourself to a handful or two is a heart-healthy treat.


October – December

When choosing which cranberries to either freshly pick or purchase from the store, look for bright and shiny berries that are firm to the touch and pleasantly plump. Try to avoid cranberries that look shrivelled, shrunken and have brown spots all over them.

This crunchy berry is perfect to add to a home-made trail mix. Although raw cranberries can have a slightly bitter and tart taste to them, it all depends on your personal preference. You can also create a sweet and delicious cranberry sauce, perfect when paired with a scrumptious roast pork belly or classic Sunday slow-roasted mutton.

Here’s where things get creative – add a handful of frozen cranberries into a smoothie for an icy cold drink and delicious flavour. You can also add them to your morning bowl of oats or yummy yoghurt, or even in a tasty apple pie for an extra fruity flash of flavour.

Store your freshly picked or store-bought cranberries in a plastic container in your fridge. They should last for up to four weeks. You can freeze cranberries for up to one year in your freezer.

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