Seasonal Ingredient


Nutritional Info

  • 61 calories per 100g
  • 312mg potassium per 100g
  • 92.7mg Vitamin C per 100g giving 155% DV
  • 3g fibre per 100g
  • 34mg calcium per 100g

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High in Vitamin C and Potassium.


Kiwifruits in South Africa are mainly imported from New Zealand and Italy but can be purchased at stores and supermarkets throughout the year.

When choosing which kiwis to take home with you from the store, look for unblemished and slightly softer ones. If they are hard it means they have not fully ripened yet. When it comes to size, whether large or small, as long as they aren’t hard they will taste exactly the same.

Golden Kiwi

  • Taste: Golden kiwis have a sweet and slightly acid taste.
  • Appearance: While the golden kiwi has a dull brown skin, its soft flesh is a bold green with crimson inner edges.

Fuzzy Kiwi

  • Taste: While the fruit’s inner core can be tough, the flesh is sweet and juicy.
  • Appearance: The fuzzy kiwi has a slightly woolly skin that has an interesting orange-brown colour. Its flesh is bright green.

Common Kiwi

  • Taste: Soft, sweet unique flavour.
  • Appearance: The size of a large chicken egg, this Kiwi fruit is brown with a fuzzy exterior, thick skin and green pulp.

Tucking into these sweet and unique sensations will transport you right to the pearl blue oceans and lush green landscapes of New Zealand! You can either cut them in half and scoop out their soft centres or, alternatively, cut a small section off the top and push its sweet centre out of its skin.

For a scrumptious summer treat, slice up and freeze these fantastic and sweet surprises. Once they are frozen, add them to a bowl and give them a good mash up with a spoon until they look like a healthy ice cream alternative – now that’s what we call delicious!

This undemanding green citrus surprise can be stored in your colourful fruit bowl for several days and can be kept in your fridge for up to four weeks. If you want to keep them stored and frozen, simply lay a baking sheet in your freezer and place your kiwi slices on top. This is recommended if you plan on preserving your kiwis to make scrumptious smoothies.

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