Seasonal Ingredient


Nutritional Info

For Queen Pineapple:

  • 50KCal Calories per 100g
  • 47.8mg Vitamin C per 100g providing 80% DV
  • 1.4g fibre per 100g
  • 9.8gg natural sugar per 100g

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Filled with Vitamin C, with a succulent texture.


All year

When choosing a ripe and ready pineapple, put your nose close to the bottom end of the fruit and sniff it. What you are looking for here is that distinctive and sweet pineapple smell. If it smells like nothing at all it means that it has low sugar content and won’t taste sweet.


Queen Pineapple

  • Taste: The local variation of this prickly-skinned fruit is succulent, sweet, crisp and crunchy.
  • Appearance: The queen pineapple has a lush yellow outer layer and spiked green leaves popping out of its head.


Red Spanish Pineapple

  • Taste: This tasty pineapple variant has a crisp, sweet and watery taste to it.
  • Appearance: This Spanish favourite has hard leaves and has a pale–red tinge to its skin.


Smooth Cayenne Pineapple

  • Taste: This Hawaiian classic has a juicy, sweet and rather intense taste to it.
  • Appearance: It looks similar to the queen pineapple, with a green and yellow skin and spiked green leaves protruding out of its head.

When it comes to preparing your pineapple, these flexible fruits can be cut, quartered, halved or diced. Start by cutting off the prickly green stem at the top. Next, lay the pineapple on its new flat surface and, with a downward motion from top to bottom, slice off the skin. The amazing thing about pineapples is that they go with a large variety of tasty dishes. From burger patty to perfect pizzas, they add a sweet element to your dish.

Pineapples are super easy to store! If you plan on eating your pineapple within 2 days after purchasing it, make sure you store these tropical treats in a fruit bowl. If however, you plan on only eating it in a few days time, store it in the fridge.

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