12 October 2019


If you’re feeling stressed, sluggish, or don’t have a lot of time to exercise, try to do one small thing each day to be kind to your heart. Before you know it, that one small thing may turn into two, three, or four!

Making simple changes in your everyday routine can help to make a big difference to your heart health.

  • Trade the electric mower for a push mower.
  • Flex your abs when you stand in line or sit in a chair.
  • Focus on breathing deeply and steadily when exercising to maximise your workout.
  • Speed walk to the bus stop or the store.
  • If safe, try paddling a canoe at the dam.

Walk around while you talk on the phone.

  • Walk around while you talk on the phone.
  • Set your computer or phone to remind you to exercise.
  • Buy light hand or ankle weights to boost lunges, squats or sit-ups.
  • Play catch with the kids in the garden.
  • Dance around the house.

Dance around the house.


  • Take a mum-and-tot exercise class.
  • Book a weekly family night with active games instead of board games.
  • Get a mini trampoline and use it.
  • Put a fun sticker on your calendar each day that you do one small thing to love your heart, and try to fill the entire month.

What’s your ‘one small thing’  that you’ll be doing today?

If heart health is a concern, why not take a look at Flora’s selection of healthy living tips? Pair your active routine with balanced meals and you’re sure to notice an improvement in the health of your heart. Be sure to check out Flora’s tasty recipes here.

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