10 February 2021

How to perk up your immune system

Work towards giving your health the upper hand by boosting your immune system. It defends your body by fighting off germs and disease-causing microorganisms. Follow these easy tips to perk up your immune system:

Eat nutrient-dense foods

A healthy immune system needs good, regular nourishment. If you suspect that your meal plan does not provide you with all your micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) needs, start by incorporating healthy foods and vegetables onto your plate. Fruits like Granadilla (passion fruit), apples and oranges are low in kilojoules, sodium and fat, which are excellent choices for maintaining a healthy diet.

Vegetables like mushrooms are a tasty addition to your healthy eating plan. Mushrooms are low in calories, free of fat and cholesterol, and high in vitamins, nutrients and potassium. Fruits and vegetables are essential to boost our immune systems, making our bodies and minds stronger to tackle the day ahead of us.

If you are looking for more information on ingredients to add to your eating plan, be sure to look at Flora’s list of seasonal ingredients for inspiration.

Do what makes your heart happy

According to researchers, along with a healthy diet, engaging in fulfilling activities that make you happy – gives your immune system a boost. A 2017 study found that activities that offer a sense of connection and purpose are associated with healthier immune profiles. So explore activities that appeal to you and put a smile on your face. Paint, read, help out at your local charity, sing to your plants, play with your pets – anything that makes your heart happy.

Try mindfulness exercises

Yes, you can practise mindfulness meditation even if it’s merely yawning and stretching for 10 seconds every hour! Say “ahh” as you exhale. Notice how a yawn interrupts your thoughts and feelings. There are plenty of mindfulness exercises for you to explore online.

Get enough sleep

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Not only does sleep allow your body to recharge and re-energise, but it also allows your immune system to revive itself after the stresses of the day. Studies show that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus such as a common cold virus. Lack of sleep also affects how fast you recover if you get sick, so give yourself a break and snooze!

Move your body

If you feel tired all the time, a daily walk or following a simple exercise routine a few times a week will make you feel better. Exercise is known to counter the stress we feel after bouts of isolation, and profoundly impacts the immune system’s normal functioning. So, go ahead, take that aerobics class online. You will feel better and healthier for it.

If heart health is a concern, why not take a look at Flora’s selection of healthy living tips and don’t forget to seek guidance from a health care professional. Pair your active routine with balanced meals and you’re sure to notice an improvement in your health. Be sure to check out Flora’s tasty recipes.

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