15 August 2022

4 Nostalgic meals from your Grandmothers kitchen

We all remember those tempting aromas from our Grandmothers kitchen when we were little; there is nothing more delicious than grandma’s hearty meals and baked treats that we all wanted to taste first. Flora wants to take you back to your childhood this women’s month with these homemade nostalgic triggering recipes from your grandmother’s kitchen. Recreate your favourite childhood meals with these recipes:

Milk Tart is not only a proudly South African dessert but also a dessert that will probably remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen. Create this oh-so-delicious milk tart at home on a budget. By just a few ingredients and Flora Plant BUTTER ™. You will have the perfect Sunday lunch dessert that the whole family will love.

Lasagne has to be an all-time favourite nostalgic meal that will take you back to your childhood. This delicious chicken lasagne will do just that; it is rich and creamy, layered with fresh onions and garlic and topped off with cheddar cheese. And it all starts with melting Flora in a pan. Honour your grandmother with this recipe!

There is nothing like fluffy homemade pancakes! Flora’s golden pancakes are golden, using Flora Gold and a few easy ingredients. You will have those fantastic pancakes that your grandmother used to make for breakfast.

Nothing like a tasty, home-cooked meal that leaves you feeling satisfied; this might be the same feeling you had when you had your grandmother’s homemade burgers. These homemade vegetarian courgette burgers with orange carrot salad are similar with a healthy twist. They are nothing but tasty, healthy and easy to make. Indulge in those nostalgic moments with just one bite.

Feel those memorable moments with these tasty recipes from Flora, and honour your grandmother this women’s month. See here for more healthy, delicious and sentimental recipes

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