18 July 2022

4 Winter Salads That Are Sure To Warm You Up This Winter

Winter is a season for layers of clothing, warm jackets and neck scarves. It is also a time for great company and even better food. A tasty salad decking the table for lunch or supper this winter season is more than just a delicious dream. While traditional salads may be served cold, Flora’s got a few winter-warmer salad recipes to ignite your inner fire.

“A salad is not just a meal. It is a style.” – Fran Lebowitz.

Four Winter-Warmer Salad Recipes By Flora

  1. The Pesto Pasta With Free Range Chicken, Courgette & Peppers is perfect for a winter-warmer salad. This tasty dish can be enjoyed as a hot or cold side dish or main, made from tasty ingredients such as sun-dried tomatoes, cut and cooked free-range chicken, red bell peppers and Flora margarine.
  2. Another great winter-warmer salad recipe is Flora’s Creamy Pasta with Celery and Mushroom. It is made with whole wheat penne pasta, mushrooms and parmesan cheese, to name but a few of the tasty ingredients. Swop out Flora regular margarine with Flora Plant BUTTERTM if you’re looking for a diary-free option and enjoy!
  3. The Greek Wholegrain Pasta Salad will be a hit with family and friends this winter. This salad is whipped together with healthy ingredients such as wholegrain fusilli pasta, crumbled feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and Flora margarine.
  4. Waking up on a cold winter morning calls for a hearty breakfast, salad included. Surprise the family one winter morning with the Cheese Quiche With Leeks And Tomato Salad recipe. Made from Leeks and spice, Flora margarine and all things nice, this is one recipe that will start the winter morning off right.

Who said you couldn’t enjoy a good salad on a winter day without feeling the bite of sometimes cold ingredients. With Flora, you can enjoy your salads anytime, anywhere, any way you want!

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