1 July 2021

Winter Warmer Dishes Even Picky Eaters Will Love

Do you have a family member or friend who is a notoriously picky eater? Well, Flora has the ultimate solution for you with these winter warmer dishes that will even win over a person with questionable eating habits!

Scrumptious Vegetable Quiche

This winning vegetable quiche is enticing with its flavourful butternut and vibrant red bell peppers. Did you know that vegetables within a quiche increase vitamin A and C intake, promoting healthy immunity?

Tip: Try opting for a low-fat cheese that adds calcium to the meal.

Pesto Pasta With Free Range Chicken, Courgette & Peppers

You really can’t go wrong with this tasty surprise. Packed with diverse flavours and protein-packed ingredients, it is just one of those winter warmer dishes that a picky eater will be talking about for weeks to come! Try the Flora recipe here.

Tip: For perfect al dente pasta every time, bring the water to a boil before adding the pasta. Starches absorb water instantly, and you want the water temperature to be hot for the pasta to cook properly.

Delicious Chicken Lasagne

On a chilly winter day, chicken lasagne is not only filling but relatively easy to whip up. This particular Flora recipe focuses on getting the best flavour possible out of the chicken and the sauce. No wonder it’s an instant crowd and (picky person) pleaser!

Grilled Rump Steak With Mushroom Sauce

Surprisingly, this winter warmer dish takes a short preparation time and is easy to prepare on busy weekdays. It is served with tasty mushroom sauce, fresh rocket leaves and chips. What’s not to love about this satisfying meal? Find the recipe here.

Brown Rice And Barley Pilaf

The brown rice and barley pilaf meal is so easy to whip up for your family! With peaches, apricots, cranberries, Flora Light, fresh herbs and a topping of pomegranate seeds, you’re ensuring a healthy and memorable winter meal. Find the recipe here.

Flora is always here to help! When it comes to healthy living, it is important to always ensure that meals are prepared with your family’s heart health in mind.

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