4 May 2022

3 Best Foods To Help You Sleep

Having trouble nodding off to sleep? A good night’s rest is often underestimated and can influence more than just your mood. A poor sleep routine affects so much more than just our health and can be detrimental to even our mental wellbeing.

While there are many ways to help your body relax and sleep easier at night, including exercise, healthy recipes are also a great choice to combat mild insomnia.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Here’s how lack of sleep can affect you and the foods you can eat to help you drift off to snooze town.

How Lack Of Sleep Can Negatively Affect You

  • Lack of sleep can affect memory and learning capabilities.
  • Not only do you become forgetful, but your skin also suffers.
  • A poor sleep routine contributes to weight gain in adults over 20.
  • Not getting enough shut-eye can affect your cognitive responses, making you more accident-prone.

Combating a case of mild insomnia can be done with the right foods. Here are three of the best foods to help you get some beauty rest.

3 Foods To Help You Get Some Shut-Eye

  1. Bananas and almonds are a tasty food choice to help you navigate the corners of snooze town and duvet street as they are an excellent source of magnesium, known to promote sleep. The Flora Banana and Almond Muffin recipe is a deliciously sweet ending to a long day and a delightful snack to aid in sleep.
  2. Another healthy recipe that can do wonders in aiding with sleep is the TM Sweet Potatoes recipe. Sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C, A, and B6 and can help with a good night’s rest. You can find the full recipe and prep method on Instagram @FloraSouthAfrica.
  3. Fish is also one of the best foods to help with sleep because it is high in Omega 3, lowering stress levels and aiding in a good night’s rest. The Delicious Lemon Butter Fish recipe will fill your belly while helping to make you sleepy.

Getting a good night’s rest with these three foods is tasty, quick to prepare, and easy to digest.

Why not snuggle up before bedtime and dig into some of our healthy living tips? Reading for short periods before bed can aid in a better night’s sleep, and we have a few seasonal ingredient health tips for everyone!

Until next time, happy snooze days ahead!

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