7 December 2021

5 Healthy Recipes to Make in December

December is the time for celebrating the year that was, spending time with loved ones, and of course, eating to your heart’s desire.

It’s quite normal to forget about healthy living and eating during the festive season. It’s normal to indulge in a treat here and there, but not always at the cost of your health.

Here are some tasty recipes you will enjoy that are delicious and healthy – perfect for the festive season:

1. Sesame seed prawns

These mouth-watering sesame seed prawns are perfect to snack on, or serve as a starter to your main course. This recipe requires an additional twist by including crème fraiche, gherkins, caper seeds, honey and other tasty ingredients – sure to give your taste buds a delicious experience. Need we say more?

2. Greek wholegrain pasta salad

Many good things start with an “s.” Summer, salad, salivating! It’s the perfect season (and weather) for a Greek wholegrain pasta salad to cool you off and leave your tummy feeling full, yet not bloated. Now, if you prefer to enjoy your salad as a side or a main meal, it’s completely up to you. Make the salad according to your taste buds – the recipe calls for half a cup of black olives but if you LOVE the taste of olives in your salad, go ahead and add some more. What takes this pasta salad up a notch is by adding fresh mint and basil leaves. Yes, fresh herbs in a crisp salad sounds like the perfect marriage, doesn’t it?

3. Dairy-free coconut and blueberry swirl ice cream with coconut crumble

Did someone say dessert? What’s summer without dessert anyway? We cannot imagine it! This healthy and creamy dessert is made with fresh or frozen blueberries and different forms of coconut. It’s simply a tropical island fusion straight in your bowl. Bring on extra scoops of coconut and blueberry swirl ice cream!

4. Turkey sandwich

If you are road tripping anytime soon, or if you’re looking to eat something as you wait for the main meal – Christmas food prep can seem like forever, then you’ll want something healthy and filling. A Turkey sandwich is the perfect food. Make this with any leftover Turkey meat you have, gather some multigrain bread, lettuce and your choice of cheese slices. Now for the out-of-this-world part: fresh mango slices and raspberry, topped with cranberry sauce. You’ll never eat an ordinary turkey sandwich again!

5. Crunchy chicken wrap

What’s crispy on the inside and soft on the outside? This chicken wrap will give you all the crunch and flavour you need to say “are there any leftovers?” This recipe includes grated cabbage, carrots, sweet chilli sauce and chicken spice for flavour – it promises not to disappoint. If you’re looking to pack a light meal for lunch or something easy to prepare for a Friday night dinner, then this recipe will come in handy. And that’s a wrap!

Choosing healthier foods this festive season does mean you should compromise on flavour and overall good food. Welcome the New Year with healthy eating habits, and you won’t have to make New Year’s resolutions based on healthier eating that you struggle to commit to.

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