10 October 2022

Beat The End-of-Year Fatigue With These 4 On-The-Go Recipes From Flora

As year-end steadily approaches, the fatigue that comes with it slowly starts to weigh on us more and more. Working hard and smart from January to December certainly takes its toll from early October. While we’re not quite at the end of the year yet, the feeling of fatigue has already started plaguing many of us, with the same old tedious meals only adding to our indifference. Thankfully, these four Flora recipes will help beat that boredom and some of your year-end fatigue.

“More than just talking about delicious food, we enjoy preparing delicious food.” – Flora.

Beating that dreaded year-end boredom-induced fatigue will not only help you to finish the year strong, but it will also help to ward off boredom, keeping you functioning optimally. Here are four quick and easy recipes from Flora to beat the year-end boredom caused by the same old tedious meals contributing to your fatigue!

Beat The End-of-Year Fatigue With These 4 On-The-Go Recipes From Flora

  1. Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast regularly puts you at a higher risk for weight gain, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Not having breakfast also causes blood sugar levels to drop, making you feel tired, moody, and lightheaded. This Seeded Rusks recipe is made from many healthy, fatigue-fighting ingredients, such as Pumpkin Seeds, Linseed, and Sunflower Seeds. It is fun to make and delicious to eat.
  2. Preparing a fatigue-fighting lunch is easy with Flora’s Crunchy Chicken Wrap recipe. This delicious wrap uses stripped chicken fillets, shredded red and white cabbage, grated carrots, chopped coriander, mayonnaise, and Flora. Goodbye, boredom-induced fatigue!
  3. Who doesn’t love some tacos for dinner? The Seed Crusted Chicken Tacos recipe by Flora is a delicious way to end a long day. These tacos are made from mixed seeds, thinly sliced red and green cabbage, halved cocktail tomatoes, chopped chives, parsley, and Flora. So long to boredom caused by the same tedious meals.
  4. Shake up your day with these Flavourful Burrito Jars from Flora; these burrito jars are packed with all the nutrients you need to fight fatigue, with ingredients such as black beans, brown rice, corn and Flora Regular. See this recipe here!

Fighting fatigue with these tasty recipes provided by Flora is fun. It provides you with the option of deliciously healthy foods and quick and easy ways to prepare them!

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