18 January 2023

Healthy Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

After all the hustle and bustle of the festive season, a not-so-new journey awaits. What is it? If you guessed the back-to-school craze, give yourself a pat and a gold star on your forehead because, wow! Now that we’ve mentally prepared ourselves for the upcoming school year, why not strategise a plan of action to tick one thing off your to-do list for the new year?

We all know how exciting and stressful a new back-to-school year can be. From buying endless school stationary supplies to having to alter school uniforms, the start of a new year is indeed for the brave at heart. How about we help you bring magic to the madness with these healthy back-to-school lunch ideas? Yes, you heard us right. Now let’s get to planning!

Back-To-School- Lunch Ideas That Are Healthy & Delicious!

  1. Kids love wraps. Surprise your child with the delicious Crunchy Chicken Wrap recipe for lunch and tantalise their taste buds with a delightful and healthy back-to-school lunch. This wrap is made with ingredients such as chicken fillets, sweet chilli sauce, chicken spice, coleslaw, and Flora Regular, to name a few.
  2. Spoil your children with the Flavourful Burrito Jars recipe. A tasty back-to-work lunch idea is made from lean mince, Mexican seasoning, tomato paste, brown rice, black beans, cherry tomatoes, and Flora Regular.
  3. Delight your child’s tastebuds with the Seed Crusted Chicken Tacos recipe for lunch during recess at school. These tacos are crunchy and decadently delicious, with ingredients such as taco shells, chicken fillets, mixed seeds, cocktail tomatoes and Flora regular, to name a few.
  4. The Flora Chicken Pitas recipe is a great back-to-school lunch idea and a healthy alternative to junk food. This delicious chicken pita is made from pita bread, chicken breast fillet, tikka paste, mushrooms, green peppers, and Flora Gold.
  5. Make a back-to-school treat that your kids will love and won’t forget! These Flora Granola Bars are the perfect lunchbox treat. They are packed with nuts, oats, seeds  and chocolate for an extra tasty kick. It is the ideal healthy balance your kids need to fuel their day.

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