18 July 2022

Top 5 Winter-Warmer Recipes To Try From Flora

Winter is a season where we all huddle indoors, camped around the fireplace or electric heater, dreaming up ideas for lunch and supper to keep our bellies full and our bodies warm. Thankfully, we’ve got a few more winter recipe ideas that you can add to your list!

“The weather outside may be frightful, but the food inside is always delightful.” – Unknown.

And on that delightful note, here are our top five winter-warmer recipes!

Top Five Winter-Warmer Winning Recipes

  1. Wintery nights beg for a bowl of hot soup. A Delicious broth cooked to perfection and steaming with goodness. The Organic Broccoli Soup, Pesto Topping, and Whole Wheat Toast recipe from Flora is not only scrumptiously warm and tasty but wholesome and healthy. This decadent broth is made with healthy condiments such as organic broccoli, vegetable stock powder and Flora Margarine, to name a few of the wholesome ingredients.
  2. The Flora Hungarian Chicken recipe is the perfect hot dish for a cold winter’s day. This colourfully tasty dish is made with ingredients such as Flora Sunflower oil, succulent chicken pieces and Robertsons spices.
  3. We have the perfect winter-warmer recipe for the meat lover in you, reminiscent of the wintery countryside with a bit of a city twist. The Flora Lamb Tagine recipe will keep you warm and fill your belly with ingredients such as diced lean lamb, toasted flaked almonds, chopped tomatoes and Flora margarine. Tasty? We think so.
  4. Who doesn’t love themselves some mac and cheese on a cold day? How about putting a healthy spin on your much-loved comfort food? The Homemade Butternut Mac and Cheese with Rosemary Bread Crumb Topping recipe is perfect for quelling that winter comfort food craving. Deliciously whipped together with healthy ingredients like roasted cubed butternut, whole-wheat macaroni pasta, and parmesan cheese. Swop out Flora regular margarine for Flora Plant BUTTERTM and enjoy your warm, homemade comfort food!
  5. Tea and biscuits, anyone? Keeping warm on a cold winter day is best done with a hot cup of tea and a delicious biscuit to snack on. The Nan Khatai Biscuits recipe is quick and easy and made from ingredients like egg yolks, ground almonds and Flora Gold margarine, to name a few.

Relishing this winter season will be more delectable with these five winter-warmer recipes by Flora.

Eat healthy all year long using our healthy recipe ideas for a delicious and well-balanced diet.

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